Desperate Leftist Goes Postal

This is a quote from a piece in the Irish Independent :-

Judging from the media coverage of Labour MP Jo Cox’s murder, terrorism is now a word that is confined to describing violence committed by brown-skinned Muslims.

Bare in mind some of the left spends silly amounts of time denying that Islamic terrorism is Islamic. People who claim to have a book dictated to a 7th century pedophile that gives them the right to kill gay people and women for having sex is not in and of itself a problem. Now they turn this around and try to point out the supposed other sides hypocrisy without acknowledging their own – it’s a display of mental gymnastics Nadia Comaneci could only dream of.

Also note the attempt to inject race into the so called religion of peace’s issues. The fundamental problem with Islamic terrorism is the fundamentals of Islam to quote Sam Harris – it’s not a racial issue. It’s nothing to do with their skin colour. Indeed not all Islamic terrorists are Brown.

Are the Regressive Left & Right here saying Islamic Terrorism is terrorism and Right wing terrorism is terrorism too? That would actually be a step forward. Probably not. Easier for both sides to tarnish the mentally ill?

It’s why the Left are losing the votes of the working class to people who if they do not speak the truth at least acknowledge the obvious problem. How can you take seriously the left (or right) Cnutists? Those who want to believe a group who so do not share their values share their values? A group so hung on celebrating diversity they prefer their fantasy over the reality of Islamic scripture and attitudes.

Desperate Leftist Goes Postal