Nano Problems

I read this in Haaretz on why Israel was turning to fruitcakery:-

And left-wing voters have lost interest in the character of their country in recent years. After all, it’s not very liberal to tie yourself in knots in order to shape a society in accordance with your own values. Their secularism has been privatized. They have moved onto dealing with “nano” problems – questions of lifestyle like alternative weddings, circumcision (yes or no), Reform prayer at the Western Wall and girls getting called up to read publicly from the Torah.
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This. As true of a ‘left’ celebrating difference and stroking its virtue by not just pointing out racism, sexism etc but celebrating itself as superior because it uses the right pronouns and sentences people to penury for uttering a word out of place in the public sphere. For enforcing anodyne comedy on TV! Continue reading “Nano Problems”

Nano Problems