Minority Rules

Nassim Taleb pointed out how minority tastes can come to dominate. Noting most soft drinks in America were Kosher. Or why Pizza is so prevalent. This can be seen by political systems development. Thus although a majority of US would choose many other candidates against the openly corrupt and proud of it Clinton or the preening ignorant narcissist Trump short of a 3rd party interloper that could well be the Election choice.

In England the apparent differences don’t matter where a vast majority of MPs reside in constituencies offer you a choice of a Labour party led by an un-updated 80s Socialist or a Landed and Subsidy junkie Landed Conservative party. Whilst Labour has 2 wings who don’t have a basic idea between them and sadly almost nothing between [politically and their ears]. The Conservatives have a spread of rational views but sadly the Finance and Landed gentry neo Libs are in charge. It’s all very well to believe in Freedom and Markets but how you remain a Conservative? The problem is with the cost and media hiding behind faux impartiality or outright voice of the Plutocrat no MP from Conservative or Labour will lead a breakaway. Being an MP is a sinecure and maybe they hope Corbyn lightening will strike for them?

Possibly if Corbyn stays in charge and gains in the polls finance will be available but again who or what does Labour have to split? Recycled garbage which is how Corbyn got there. They can flip from Austerity more severe than they complained about under the coalition to basically welcoming Osborne’s flips but offering nothing else. They are led by media and Govt even 4 years off an election.

Ed Miliband’s gutless or stupid or undemocratic decision not to back AV will be brutally rammed down Labour’s throat at the next election as a despised Conservative party wins with its 25% coalition of the subsidised.

Minority Rules