The Americans Are Who We Thought They Were

From 80s deaths squads to support for murderous theological wars in Yemen and over throwing Govts it does not like the Americans of Charlottesville are who we know Americans to be. Sure we chat to our liberal friends on the coast and they decry Trump and rightly so. Yet they have allowed him here through voter disinterest and indifference to how the economic idiocy called policy has for 37 years affected others and shrunk the middle class and the security of pensions. A country where most people are one family illness from bankruptcy.

The appalling ideas of racial segregation now less Jim Crow more institutional instruments, and cultural creations of US military pimps Hollywood. The ridiculous concept of trickle down economics. Stealing 3rd world utilities under the guise of Aid. Tolerating corrupt murderers who do their bidding. The concept of judicial murder by Drone.

The guff that Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama have produced about “this is not us” – try telling the rest of the world that.┬áNow they want to separate and pretend that this is not the result of their work. They want poor and ignorant to just accept their lot without reaching desperately for the idiocy of an Orange silver spooned clown when all they offer was more of the same delivered by arguably the most patronising voice of the self righteous Democrats. They’ve sent people in a direction and then complain how far they take it and their reaction to it.

Even being right about LGBT, racial differences and women’s rights can’t be done in a non virtue signalling way that would win people over to its transparent correctness.

Democrats preach equality but push inequality and their own sense of self goodness and wonder why others don’t agree.

The Americans Are Who We Thought They Were