No Comparison

A popular meme is to contrast the European attitude to accepting Muslim refugees and other migrants because they are like the Jews so horribly let down in the 1930s. The habit of otherwise liberal westerners to equate Jews and Muslims and essentially challenge people not to be the made up Islamaphobia label. Continue reading “No Comparison”

No Comparison

Risks Of BrExit

As the decision to cancel a whole football match over a suspect package or half of Staines when I worked there showed UK Society is very risk adverse. Now I am roll the dice type but even if you consider the EU and its sisters Globalisation and Financialisation a plane without pilots just running till the fuel is empty it’s still not clever to jump out no parachute at 30,000 feet.

The UK runs several risks which I should add are possible rather than probable:-

  • The UK does not produce enough food for itself and if the currency tanks will that drive up prices or cause farmers to get even more subsidy? TBF £ did tank 25% after 2008 and no one seemed to notice. Equally at present extra cash drives up rent and house prices so maybe we’ll adjust them down so we can eat.
  • Hate the CAP [Common Agricultural Policy] but we would probably have to come up with our own subsidy package for sponging farmers. These may end up bigger than before esp if Conservative Party is in charge – most Tory MPs judged on their Govt’s policies believe in free market Capitalism as much as Lenin.
  • UK’s a Financial Centre and de facto has vetoed any European move to a Tobin/Financial Transactions Tax. Unless UK is prepared to completely cut itself off from EU business this could affect us but with Banker pets Obama and Mrs Clinton unlikely to agree to extend such a tax this is unlikely to happen.
  • Imagine the US unhappy at its project going down the tubes aligned with an amoral/uncaring/stupid Germany currently killing Greeks. As Greece shows they are not people you can appeal to with logic and sense. Indeed so bad is the slaughter of Greece even the bloodthirsty pirates of the IMF are trying to call time. However the need to set an example with someone who shares your currency is not relevant to the UK. Also unlikely US drops its NATO lapdog the UK.
  • Interest rate rises due to declining currency and possible inflation could prick the housing bubble. Not sure this is a bad thing long term but that’s me. This is probably the most likely but also not sure once everyone gets over it currency drops or as stated above that is a bad thing. However a risk for those suffering Asset Price Wealth illusion.
  • The UK could be stitched up by the ranting loons on the Conservative Govt rushing through Corporate Trade Agreements taking away our Sovereignty. Sadly there does seem an element obsessed with these implements for creating zombie economies and extracting rent via copyright. Oddly some elements just view the EU as not neo Liberal enough.

The point is that those like me (left and right) who are anti neo Liberalism/Whatever you call it and if those who want an end to cheap money and bubble economy are right even then the costs would merely be brought forward. I very much doubt that much comes to pass and frankly welcome the chance to change. However you do wonder given what whimpering scared people we come across as these days if UK people voting Exit get that it is a potential risk.

Risks Of BrExit