Change It Ain’t As Easy As You’d Think

I recall praise for Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic Party marched to control of all 3 houses and I meekly said but everything she says is rhetoric. AKA Meaningless. I’ve heard the Republican party remove the Affordable Care Act [ACA] only for Presidential veto. I’ve seen Paul Ryan tell a man whose life was saved by the ACA why it would be better for the USA if he had died.

*** OPINION ***

Yet why in Govt can the Republicans not replace the ACA even though their replacement was worse than repealing the ACA cold in terms of deaths and lost coverage – or how something as crass as the ACA was the best the Democratic Party could manage. Yet even the amoral Ryan’s tax break plan was not cold enough. Not bad enough for conservatives who did not feel it went far enough for their Freedom Caucus in making it impossible for a woman to get: Contraception advice: Maternity help: or to force them back to work after having a child: They’re all bitches eh! Quite what twisted fucks that caucus are is a matter of opinion. And much of that is my opinion some parts more informed than others and from a perspective.

*** FACT 🙂 ***

What is not a matter of opinion is that Govt is more complex than left and right want to believe. Why does the Govt not train more nurses and doctors? Do dis or dat? Today the Mosul offensive stops because even locals are astonished [shocked] at the US new kill 200 to get 2 scroats bombing policy comes into action. That lets blow up some Arabs rhetoric as policy not as effective as it sounded in the bloviating echo chamber?

Left and right seem to have missed out on 40 years of some progress in the way war, Govt and public services are conducted. Their idiot obsessions be it with controlling women, military power and overnight change are wrong, and their claims at common sense mere ignorance. They may even have been wrong in the 70s and 60s too…. but let’s not lump on the loons they are now after all increasingly in charge in the UK/US and much of the world.

*** More Opinion ***

One last opinion like a great friend of mine said of Left parties with the word Workers in their titles never having any workers. Freedom tagged groups belief in actual Freedom for actual normal people not men in suits bank balances.

Change It Ain’t As Easy As You’d Think