There’s Only 3 Labours

It’s difficult to get over the modern need for hate and hence virtue in the brain of the hater.¬†Yet Labour has 3 strings to its bow on the self love hate stakes:-

  • Corbynistas or Momentum or The Left a group who think they can ignore economics or advice and be credible with a skeptical public. They find victims in every corner. Backed by a series of out of date ideas that ignore the changes in work and production and the future at the expense of platitudes and appeals to virtue.
  • The Moderates. These people push the extreme liberalism whilst enacting the kind of policies that stifle wages and boost assets. All whilst¬†celebrating differences as embodied by their Jim Crowist policy of multiculturalism. They and the progressives will rant at Tim Farron’s religious beliefs [and hence their own superior creed] but celebrate the greater and actual bigotry of Islam and the mainstream Muslim community. Nicer to the poor than the Tories in the short term but ultimately with same aim – an ordered society of a medicated poor and an elite. Oddly a middle class group seeking their own oblivion albeit with the expectation among the few who understand their creed they will be part of the elite see the Blairs and Browns.
  • The Progressives who see the need for an alliance with Greens and Liberals as though they represent a single strand of opinion. They seek to be the glue in between the other 2. The major flaw they have is they cannot unite the Labour party never mind an infantile Green party which talks of banning horse racing and Liberal party that is not Liberal. Economically more for localism, environmentalism and other good but hard to sell non concrete stuff.

All 3 united in the identerism that those outside any of these creeds find so off-putting and un-voteable. All love great cries of sexism and racism and can remove TV hosts but precious little else. They are also united in slagging each other off too.

There’s Only 3 Labours