Vacuums Get Filled

Syria has descended and into the vacuum has come the Russians with an indifference to life well in tune with the region it is now interfering in. What to do? UK Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan seem to have a reputation for incompetence to put it gently. US incursions are brutal and involve the expending of colossal amounts of ordinance before someone arbitrarily says ‘Misson Accomplished’ and then at some political date they leave.  The use of Proxies in Yemen left the neo Cons clinging to the “Russia does not pay compensation” schtik. Neither side does reincarnation I’d willingly bet.

What to do? What to do?

Libya shows the standard of thinking in the West done by Cameron, Sarkozy and Clinton. The 3 twats wondered in under some flag of giving a shit and then did not after someone got killed. We did not oust Assad and same result with better weapons on the enemy side. Equally taking over a country holding an election is not installing democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In theory I’ve come to support intervention but in practice, it’s a bit shit.

Vacuums Get Filled