Do Labels Help Anti Racism?

For 2 groups people are very different; one group celebrates that; whilst another finds these differences hard to deal with and tries to come up with reasons to exclude the minorities and demonise them.

The latter group are of course racists and nationalists. I really don’t know how to deal with people who have invented rhetoric of their own ridiculous made up victim-hood.

The former identerists try to push ethnic differences as ‘things to celebrate’. They alienate people outside their group and their raising of minorities to hapless victims stigmatises. They stifle debate because most of us can’t be bothered to be insulted with labels.

I think the painting of people as hapless victims or worse a problem has a negative effect and reinforces stereotypes, and creates an impression of haplessness. It does not challenge the narrative of the morons but offers a more palatable alternative response to difference.

Do Labels Help Anti Racism?