Progressives Are Not Your Friends

If you are left or centre or liberal then you will come across people who preach racial and gender equality and are down with LBGT rights and say nice shit about the poor. They will be mortally offended by Trump and pine for the days of Obama and having a their dude do wicked shit not some ignorant orange buffoon. They will lament vapid neo Con ‘Hillary’ losing. They will cry at the end of an agreement with a vile theocratic nation that supports Jihad whilst damning a pointless agreement with a lunatic despot. They are always good. They call themselves progressives. They talk of the The Market. They love the EU and talk like it’s some giant charity.  They accuse everyone of hate and talk of love.

They are also responsible for the huge numbers of poor, hospital car park charging, austerity, monopoly capitalism, corporate rights trumping individual rights, the financial crash of 07/08 and the LTCM crash and the Dot Com boom crash, the rise of financial capital and the rise in land prices and hence food banks. They are as culpable as the right in supporting wars. They have made poor countries debt slaves whilst taking the credit for China and India lifting their population up. They are responsible for welfare ‘reform’ for demonising the poor and the work obsession whereby more people work but growth comes only from more debt and immigrants and sleight hand and twist of fate. They talk of safe spaces, micro aggression and the need to ban people because they disagree. They are intolerant of others views and hide behind rhetoric and bluster like the far Right and as amenable to rational argument as a Jihadist. Facts are irrelevant to them for all their ‘fakenews’ bluster – seriously read their UK bibles The Times or Guardian and tell me there is one thing they are correct about? They make paeans to their own virtue cos they celebrate differences that others hate but offer the largely poor minorities nothing except patronising difference celebration –  see thoughts and prayers after a gun massacre.

If you are left or centre they are not your friends.

Progressives Are Not Your Friends

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