Millennial Lies By Greedy Boomers?

A lot has been made of how the young find Friends homophobic shite and Only Fools and Horses racist shit. Regardless that my own view is closer to shit regardless of modern mores. Nonetheless it’s worth reflecting that this story like much of the anti Muslim and poor hating in the media is based on very little. There has been no poll or vote just 1 or 2 comments.

This covers much of modern day chattering nonsense on all sides where often a single example or series of comments is used to label entire generations, political viewpoints and religions. This is not the 0% poll of say UK Muslims who thought Homosexuality was moral and 52% who thought it jailable. That was a genuinely chilling fundamentalist view from a sizeable minority.

The point is we need to avoid instant opinions on groups with nothing more than anecdotal evidence we have. There is far more evidence our entitled olders don’t give a shit for anyone else. Indeed I find much of the young’s view of the world and difference at worst naive but mostly uplifting.

Millennial Lies By Greedy Boomers?

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