Dystopia Now!

On the last poll 91% who expressed a preference said Lib Lab or Con. Now there are indications Labour may break the last 20 years of idiocy and a pretence. The Cons say they might but really when Cons spend more it goes to friends [Gordon Brown no doubt upset I did not add an ‘aussi’ there]. However to think that authoritarians like McDonnell and Corbyn really would improve the state of freedom in the country requires a considerable amount of LSD.

Left and right have warned about this and dystopian filmakers to boot. Nonetheless the idiocy backed by probably 500+ MPs is this that people should have no say over Govt services and that corporations should be sovereign – most of the rest are Socialists and are less worried about corporations albeit Tony Benn loved a big’un. Indeed this is the logic behind the right wing Tory BrExiters to tie the country down in trade deals that prevent legislation and progress on Health, Food and the Environment. To maintain the Monopoly side of capitalism: to make it a Zombie innovation less capitalism.

Trivial example was Sheffield signed an unbreakable PFI. Amey a Spanish company has since cut down 6000 trees rather than make trivial repairs to roads and pavements – no avenue for appeal or prevention. Historic trees, new trees, nice trees, ugly trees and uncle Tom Cobley anything is fair game to them, Environment Schmenvironment. In a corollary people went to the Arsenal board meeting and some examples of that mostly male class of never ending sociopathic front men ensured no one could speak – not even shareholders have say in this society.

No political party is planning on rolling back state and corporate power. The saddest part is I do not see people of any generation and class who want it back. People will vote for these awful parties and even a new Labour redux centre party would be worse than the SNP, Labour, Conservatives, Liberals, DUP and UKIP on this as they were neo Liberalism’s true believers.

Big State power to back corporate irresponsibility and suppression of rights, health and safety, and liberty means it is a profoundly depressing time for anyone who likes freedom and accountability.

Dystopia Now!