Labour Can They Be Worse

In the end like with BrExit the doom and gloomers are out over the planned policies of Labour. One wonders if Labour is as hooked on bringing back manufacturing and other point-less acts as Donald Trump. However they do retain enough support among a section of economists – some of whom have been patronised by McDonnell. Indeed Chris Dillow said Labour’s critics were the Marxists as they did not believe reform of Capitalism would work and clearly they could not claim it is working now. As an indication of this

You can pretend that others in the political sphere have answers but they do not. All one is left to do is point out that left wing politics of the type Corbyn and McDonnell probably favour has always failed. That a large state is not a problem in and of itself but do people who think rent controls are not more inter-generational theft on their own and suggested by no one expert in the field have enough insight to produce a better society? Indeed their precious Venezuela’s main problems are caused by a toilet paper currency with a fixed exchange rate that is bollocks hence inflation as people try to buy real currency ironically to buy toilet paper.

I don’t like their priorities but my knock on Labour is not they are left wing but stuck in the 70s. With the mindset of Labour passim that you can just legislate what you don’t like people doing. To claim as with BrExit they are a huge problem to a dysfunctional economy is to give Labour credibility as they are not the present danger and prevent real questions of their competence and vision and solutions.

Labour Can They Be Worse

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