A Moderate Conceit

I was just reading a good guy who was saying how proud he was of Danny Boyle’s Olympic ceremony and how proud he was of the country etc etc at that point. It makes a point of course that so called progressives are as proud and nationalistic as anyone but with an ambition for the country to be better and dare one say good. Yet they seem unprepared to look under the hood. In the same ways they don’t travel on buses in outer London full of bitter old and poor tired of being lectured on what they eat and smoke. Even Boyle’s centring on GOSH was hardly great given that Hospital Trusts bullying of doctors and the wholesale deaths and cover ups of Foundation Hospital moves not to mention 100s dying of preventable MRSA and CDIFF as Doctors and Administrators cashed in on dirty hospitals and Labour did nothing.


A Moderate Conceit

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