neo Liberalism: It Runs Deep

Neo Libs final admit they are into Liberalism – the illiberal running of society on a specious belief in absurdly labeled ‘free’ markets. They’re very good at claiming reductions in poverty that are nothing to do with their policies and changing of criteria to pretend that’s true.

However bet they probably won’t want to take responsibility for their transferring wealth to the wealthy but a side effect of their ideology is also the problems of BA’s computer systems. Yes! Whoda thought low rates to transfer wealth to assets and lower interest rates for speculators (1000% if you’re poor) would lead to them leveraging up to buy companies and then instituting brutal cost cutting and taking capital offshore to sit in banks whilst asset stripping company?

The whole idiot circus as fans of new Labour and ‘crats cling to it has been seen through by the poor – worst part is not admitting they were wrong mostly. Here the pensioners/idiots rushed to twats who complain about immigrants because the mainstream story is obvious bollocks. UKIP are done for now but when poverty is ever growing and we cannot afford police and health and education and people still claim we’re richer and they are right. What happens?

In many ways it is the educated middle class who have been left behind clinging to the EU, Globalisation, privatisation etc which they perceive have been good for them.

Corporate austerity and debt is no different to Govt austerity a self reinforcing race to the bottom until it breaks down. Or as my ma would have said pennywise pound foolish.

neo Liberalism: It Runs Deep

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