Caught Between the Rabble And The Robot

Yes you may feel that the UK has presented us with 2 horrible choices for Govt but 82% of those who voted voted for them. You might feel we are trapped between 2 incompatibles whereby one buys off the young and the other the Boomers. In America you might now realise it was not which kneecap but 1 or both and you have chosen wrongly. You might feel wherever in the West you are trapped by a Kleptocracy or Plutocracy or Idiotocracy or Crony Capitalism. You might feel you have a diminishing democracy.

Well it is still a long ways better than any other model. The fact is for all the gerrymandering, crap and ridiculous lines peddled by the media you have an instrument of change. Now the change has been relentlessly negative for most for 40 years in some measures (workers share of growth and more wealth being paid to Land than Labour). However it is still possible to get change and imagine it.

In Venezuela or Syria there is possibility of change only after considerable bloodshed. Once you create a dictatorship there is no easy countervailing force or way to admit you were wrong:-

When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.

Caught Between the Rabble And The Robot

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