Hotel California

I’ve made the point before that western lifestyles may have changed but that to say we are richer when we cannot live the lifestyle I aspired to at 18 and might be dead by now if I had but that’s not the point. Is this world of so called Liberalism and slow decline of living standards one we can easily leave behind? Not just the EU but the whole lot IMF World Bank and even tantrum led USA.

Would initial devalued currency etc be fatal if we stepped off the liberalism and  free trade agreements nonsense – where Govts pick winners like Socialists by favouring certain industries over others?

The UK and most countries are not self sufficient. The specialisation and Capital disbursement of modern economies means we have to trade for some things and indeed few products are sourced in 1 country. The initial capital flight and currency tank as a country even just tried to say tax profits and rich would likely be a short term price.

One that may be well worth paying but who takes the initial hit? Who sells that to frightened oldies or citizens of the world younglings who think there is some world they share and you’re going against that? This is before considering the mountains of debt and subsidy to get rid of and the adjustment to that. There is also the question of who would run the country in the shake out that short term might be allow in reactionaries and silly free market Utopians.

Is the alternative poverty for more and more people? Or can we head that off with Job Guarantee (Basic Income) and Land Value Taxes or some other solution? Would that be tolerated by Liberalism? Like Greece’s plans not even considered by technocratic anti democrats of the EZ. Or will continuing trickle down economics of Liberalism actually work for the majority? I don’t know. As the song said maybe we’re doomed…

You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave!

Hotel California

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