Labour V Conservative

We seem to have something of a third party squeeze with the 3rd party being lots of other parties. The mains are polling at almost 80% up from 65%. Labour despite the loss of Scotland are polling better in England and Wales arguably than any time since 2001 at a general election. They will still be wiped out but hey ho. Then boundary changes kick in as their gerrymandering is unwound but there you go. The Liberals 8% seems to signal the death of Social Democracy and they have not pimped Liberalism (bar Neo Liberalism) in a long time.

So if you are in a marginal who ya got Labour or Tory? Anti Labour or Anti Tory? And yes I started a sentence with so and and, blow me.

Corbyn or May. Pretty much a wash for me both are ineffective and incompetent and hark back to a different era really 70s v 50s. Both are authoritarians. One is a peacenik one a floating vessel who will do what the Americans ask her to do. Really does it matter what the UK does? After Southern Iraq and Helmand I bet the Septic generals all back Corbyn. Both love mass surveillance and hanker after a less free society.

Cabinet wise Labour actually has some young talent and the Tory talent (Clarke, Grieve, Tyrie) is old or nowhere near responsibility. McDonnell may make silly comments but Hammond for all the easy press is just an amoral class warrior – stopped ships patrolling Med’ because of anecdotes apparently and well free school meals? WTF. Labour have actually jettisoned the flotsam like Benn and Burnham and Khan, sure Camps Cooper tries to reinvent the stronger on immigrants than you Theresa May of 2010 but she’s pretty fringe too – she has the laughable new Labour affectation of damning anyone over 16 and crying about poor child refugees and poor.

Economy well Labour’s plans are not exactly likely to worsen the UK’s position and there has been no assault on the city nor more than speculation about Land Taxes to impress me. Both will ramp up social care but oddly Tory policy was better for most people IMO. The cutting of free school meals costed at 7p a meal and saving 60 Million in the context of the bribes May offered to Nissan, China & EDF over Hinkley and 3rd Runway can only be called class war? Seriously it is kicking the tramp you decided not to give a donation to. Labour’s plans are at least expansionary and as we have seen as Govt debt doubled austerity not exactly the shit for debt clearance. Conservative policies are damaging and they use their stopping of growth as an excuse to slow the economy more on immigration and benefits and public sector wages and the EU.

For me if you have to choose which knee to clip it’s the right one for a lefty…. Corbyn leads nowhere by himself but there is some break albeit not total with the economics of ruin favoured for 20 years by both main parties. Corbyn does not have the power in his own party nor is he likely to be near a majority too. It’s the safer course whatever you think of him. The conservatives policies are not just regressive they are toxic evidence-less bullshit to appeal to prejudice as May acknowledges over Grammar Schools. The free school meals thing at a time of Food-bank usage is bad economics if nothing else.

As a pro Capitalist left wing libertarian I say comfort yourself you are likely closer to any political party than I am. They are all petty authoritarians with questionable economics.

Labour V Conservative

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