Don’t Vote Fascist: Vote Poverty

My question to all the economists and Govts last 30 years if  you claim liberalism, globalisation, EU have benefited us why can’t we afford health, education, pensions, benefits, weekly garbage collection, social care etc. now?

The centre is extreme and new Labour, Liberals, SNP, and Cons all had similar basic ideology. The economics of 97-10 to increase asset prices and population, turn state assets into streams of income for kleptocrats and bizarrely foreign pension schemes and nationalised companies, and to treat public finances like a ponzi scheme mean the stated good intentions are for nowt (Govt used PFI at 10%+++ when it could borrow at 3 or 4%).

Building hospitals that become bankrupt paying back economic rents or transfer payments boosting rents etc will lead to worse. Keep telling people not to vote le Pen or May or Trump but keep offering to impoverish and enslave them and still expect them to listen? Is my question to moderates.

I would advise people to vote Macron or Mrs Clinton given the choice. However as with the choice here between an incompetent stupid old Labour, new Labour, Cons, Libs and SNP v the ‘kippers don’t pretend it’s much better than an man in a balaclava offering you a choice of knee.

My generation will likely escape the worst of it so I am not some wanker who’d benefit from sane economics. Indeed my paper wealth would decline and I hope one day to see it not caused by a crash when all this rich worship fails. Then we might not be able to stop the idiots.

Don’t Vote Fascist: Vote Poverty

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