May is a Fool

Tempting as it is to say May only struggles on the spot and after such garrulous guff spielers as Blair and Cameron we should accept that. Yet give her time and space and she’s still vacuous avoider of issues without ideas. This is arguably going to be Dacre’s 2nd term after the original one with Brown, although it’s unclear if Brown was run by Brooks/Murdoch too. This is after all someone who has used legal defeat after defeat to advance herself at the public expense even at the extent of lying about immigrant rights at a party conference.

People who follow history will know those who advance through position, the general secretary route, rather than ideas and brilliance in a power vacuum are the most dangerous. Especially armed with a massive pensioner army ignorant of where, how and what their pensions and asset prices come from who do not have to work for lousy bosses or compelled to take self employed status or zero hours contracts.

May is a Fool

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