The Extreme Middle

As someone whose views can be interpreted as to the left or right of the spectrum depending on the issue I do find the use of the word extremist funny. After all on the left most people called extremists would be centrists to some of my friends. Also since when to anyone but a Septic did universal education, water and health care become extreme anyway? 

Thus consider the Obama Administration who decided to offer greater health care by subsidising the bloated insurance industry. A bit like Brown’s PFI if you ignore the cost some good for users of the services came about. Now few would call Obama extreme or at least no one sane but this man would get the pizza and beer in on a Tuesday and choose who to kill… He ramped up an Afghan war Brownian incompetence had caused to flare again. Or paragon of moderation and arch neo Con Mrs Clinton who approved of continuing to transfer wealth to assets, rentiers and the financial sector which Obama had done so successfully he lost majorities in both houses and the Presidency.

Take Labour’s currently embattled centrists desperately using Corbyn to show they are moderate. We can both agree they are moderate but maybe not in the same way. These people supported austerity the Conservatives considered too harsh and backed off in 2015 – and has little or no expert backing from mainstream experts so can be considered extreme! They see no issues with the wasted opportunity of 1997 to 2010 when Brown played Monorail man and at huge expense bought short term improvements now wiped out by austerity by and large supported by Labour’s moderates.

My point is that saying someone is extreme or extremist is merely a way media labels and marginalises alternative views. To me the land price stoking, war mongering, wealth transferring, zombie economy creating, kill listers etc are extremists every bit as much as someone who thinks there is any point in nationalising the means of production anymore. Indeed the rhetoric of May, Brown, Miliband, Cooper (if they’re over 16 any rates) etc towards immigrants was often a fag paper from Farage. Extremist Nick Griffin was not as happy to see refugees drown in the Med’ as Phillip Hammond and Theresa May.

Extremist is a label and mere rhetoric.

The Extreme Middle

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