I’m A Dr Bow Down Serfs

I don’t know if the Doctor battered by some goons on a United plane had any mitigation or was merely shocked his pathetic “I’m a doctor I’m exempt from laws” did not work. However it’s interesting the story is not the Govt Goons who seem to have resorted in short order to violence. However anyone who has travelled knows that it is against the law to disobey unelected unappointed airline staff and the security to back them up – even if not law unless you are a lawyer with a judge handy de facto.

That airside is the idealised society of the of so called liberal leaders on both sides of the pond: where the rich get whisked through and wined and dined and everyone else is a serf. It is the lack of rights airside that is a question. In this case though it seems someone thought they had a surfeit of rights because they were middle class.

The only mild interest in this is that people who routinely accept and support the demonisation and beating of protesters for genuine held views, including scientifically backed climate protests, found this abhorrent when someone disobeyed the law for his own convenience and resisted the law for seemingly no strong reason bar he felt himself better than the other passengers.

The hypocrisy and lack of reality of the remaining middle class defies comprehension.

I’m A Dr Bow Down Serfs

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