The SNP Are Not Our Friends

As Theresa May [sic] hypocrited herself using anti Brexit arguments against the Scottish attempt to pour boiling water on its head much as the UK or England and Wales at least had done I was struck by the easy ride Nicola Sturgeon gets. Her main critics are the Scottish Tories pointing out her absurdist position, no one else does. Now I am not against Scottish Nationalism but it would make the risk of BrExit look like crossing an empty road without waiting for the lights to change.  

The position of the nationalists is every bit as petty as that of Nigel Farage and other xenophobes. Indeed the position one suspects wor Nicola would best like is to be almost an autonomous part of the UK. To turn her current sinecure into a proper position of power with the inherent protections of the union. It’s hard for me to see why a Scotland out of the UK would even consider the EU. It’s a logical fallacy that UK outside EU = Bad so independent Scotland in EU = Good.

Those of us of independent mind surely cannot cheer the ignorance of Sturgeon and the savant cretin Mhairi Black who claimed London should not have more MPs than the less populous Scotland. May and Sturgeon are of one mind a short term mind focused on their own narrow interests. However the wider point is Scotland will sell the rest of the UK out with bottle tops to Mrs May. These grim xenophobes are not anymore working class friendly than the Tories or New Labour or Farage or Trump. They will take a piece of silver to stand by and watch rest of us get sucked into a vortex of corrupt idiocy the Conservatives are bent on.

The SNP Are Not Our Friends

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