I Fought the Law and the Law Won

Ok I held the line on Amazon… I tolerated the annoyance of finding a product and getting it nearly as cheap. The click and collectedness as delivery could be anytime. The lack of flexibility in delivery addresses etc. Then tried ebatteries.co.uk 2-5 days by Royal Mail. Then spent a month waiting till it was bleepin’ urgent. The goods now being sent from China by courier when I would not be there to collect them. As a non driver I can get to the Royal Mail’s depot but not some obscure estate in Poyle.

Then I used a one day delivery from the Amazon market place. In a further blow to protest Capitalism I got my money back thanks to PayPal. The moral of the story is a difficult one. Sure Amazon and other dump by using cheap money to undermine book shops – alternative view is they are making lots of money and keeping it hidden from tax.

In the end I will continue to source items away from Amazon but may avoid small companies that amount to a website and no obvious backup.

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

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