Dutch Based Turks Piss on Fellow Muslims & Secular Values

One criticism from secular Muslims, and some puddle drinking scum, of their less secular brethren is that they come to the West demand all the rights and protections they are only too happy to shed in their home land. Hence the Dutch and Germans are called NAZIs by protesting Turks who demand Western rights for their homeland’s leaders to come to the West to demand an end to those rights in Turkey.

It’s why I can’t entirely celebrate this difference. I certainly cannot like people who want to live in a secular society protesting violently in support of despotism and political Islam. Donning the cloak of victimhood and claiming rights. Rights they would deny others, notably women who want education and to choose their own dress and homosexuals, in their ideal society.

I dislike those who suggest I celebrate these differences without asking questions and fingers crossed that their love is reciprocated by people who do not share their values. However the worst part of this protest is what message does it send that contradicts the Wilders, Trumps, Bannons and Farages of this world? None.

Dutch Based Turks Piss on Fellow Muslims & Secular Values

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