The Vile Is Right

Tony Blair the former front person for a vile Govt came forward to make clear it is in our interests to resist the current drift to leaving the EU in the easiest way for the idiot Theresa May and certainly the way with the most problematic unpredictable outcome for the rest of us.

Blair probably is right the UK will essentially go from having trade agreements with everyone to no one. Now whilst that is not the end of the world for a country who devalues its paper every year it’s not great either. For a country who imports food and power?

Now whilst one can agree that Globalisation is oppressive to be outside is likely more oppressive short term. This is before considering how weak our political class is. I’ve noted Mrs May sniveling for pennies by giving away Billions in front of Trump and Erdogan and Nissan and CBI and China but imagine her negotiating trade deals…

She is incapable as her inability to decide if she should admit to knowing what Trump was doing vis a vis the [so called for all those right wing snowflakes out there] Muslim ban and having just accepted that or pretending Trump had loved and left her as with Romney without telling her anything but getting her to kow tow and approve him first. In the end in a break from new Labour she rejected the incompetence defence and chose to say she was cuckolded and a rube.

The only problem I have with Blair here and much of the anti Trump media is the attempt to use his excess and stupidity to normalise the precursors to dictatorship Clinton and Obama. Or here Brown, Blair and Cameron. Please don’t do that. If you don’t know what was wrong then resign and let someone who does report.

The Vile Is Right

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