Self Serving Arseholes

Amber Rudd Home Secretary ended the scheme to import Child refugees. Her reasoning something about encouraging people to send lone children – resets bullshit detector. And it’s a drop in the ocean and with 100s of millions to be displaced by Climate Change a drop in the universe really. Nonetheless a  signal to the bigots who often rely on immigrants far more than more tolerant generations that she hates anyone foreign even children too. Even if it is largely irrelevant for a country of over 60 Million people to take 30,000 never mind 3,000.

Again like Phillip Hammond and his anecdote based policy Rudd was not challenged by Labour or Greens or Libs. Nope they reached in error, as even the right helpfully warn them not to, for the virtue card. Every pronouncement was not an attack on Rudd’s made up position and lack of any fact or study to support it but a huge “We are better than this” with the implicit view that we are better than people who support this.

Survey after survey shows that people are not as sanguine about more refugees and immigrants (however sensible or not that would be) as Labour ministers and Caroline Lucas talk not to them but themselves. No engagement no arguments to make people question their views just a sneering smug self serving attitude.

Oddly I used to refer to Yvette Cooper as Camps Cooper so stridently anti immigrant was she as Shadow Home. As a minister in the last Labour Govt I honestly question why she would think she has moral authority and she’d be better engaging and questioning and using logical argument even on the remote chance she had any [moral credibility that is but logical arguments too be a start].

Self Serving Arseholes

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