The Left Follies

It’s easy to suggest that the media or whoever are responsible for the eclipse of the ‘left’ parties of Europe. Irrelevant even when in power to be frank see Brown or Hollande. I am referring to New Labour here rather than whatever welcome Corbyn is destroying with random precision. This is a more general attack than on a particular party and to be honest could be used against most ‘liberal’ thinkers. It is also in the context of seeming liberals supporting a ruling ideology that forsook the poor and claimed GDP growth as Manna achieved by stoking the purchase of 2nd hand assets and the land they stood on as improved living standards.

Economics. The idea of Brown and his WEF inspired ideas often referred to as neo Liberalism was to limit people’s choices and assume people’s goals could be imposed and they would not care. The idea was also to pay off financial capital so it could pay taxes that would later be dwarfed by the bail outs and subsidy. The craziest part being paying financial capital up to 30% on PFI when the Govt could borrow at 5% or less. This continues see Hinkley, HS2, 3rd Runway etc. Believe it or not the religion of Brown and Blair is not one that thinks of humans positively.

Islam. One can understand some counter reaction to the agenda of bigots. However to insist on a blank cheque to a population that almost universally disapproves of Homosexuality, prefers that women cover themselves and has little truck with secularism is in any way a positive is ridiculous. Can you call yourself progressive and ignore the lack of equality demanded by the remembrances of a 7th century warlord of a discussion he claimed with God?

Equality. This used to be a left issue and a care. However when ethnic minorities are concerned the liberals have forsaken equality in favour of difference celebration. Labour  politicians will be seen celebrating a multi cultural community centre in London but not a community centre somewhere else without any diversity. Indeed Corbyn took it a step further and went to Calais where 10,000 people who were not even voters hung out many of whom wanted to enter the UK illegally. Whilst white nationalism is funny in a detached sense, ridiculous in an intellectual sense and downright scary in a voting sense to constantly promote the 10 to 15% in a society you are standing for election in is? Highlighting the poor victims stoking something called Hate Crime.

Hate Crime & Victimhood. The left of all shades like talk of victims. The talk of unquantified and unqualified hate crime and the surge of it after Trump’s election and BrExit – 350 Mn Americans and someone reported a rise to 265 ‘H-A-T-E’ crimes most of which would amount to verbal insults even if true. It reminds me of the rise in antisemitism and the skepticism we should all have at crime figures. It turned out that anti Semitic abuse reporting was up but not un-falsifiable crimes – murder rates are immune for instance and hence cuts in crime but not murder rates would be suspicious. Now every dislodged hijab is a cause apparently for us all to take stock of what labels we have become.

Labels. The left have silenced internal critics for fear of labels most of which end in ist. Indeed labeling has replaced analysis. Left wingers throw labels at people and wonder why no else listens but hey aren’t they good. Why some of us not in the party(ies) no longer view them as anything but idiots obsessed with their own virtue.

Patronising, Smug and Virtue Signalling. The whole aim of the ‘left’ appears to outsiders to stoke their own virtue. To be holier than thou and better than people who dare question whether we should admit refugees and immigrants. Worse they don’t counter with arguments that properly screened refugees who believe in secularism are a boon regardless of religion. No they screech morality and demand we let in unaccompanied children which would seem the worst solution to me. Unaccompanied what do we do station Syrians with Scottish families? Keep them in camps? Wait for them to import their parents? Why do youth suddenly become scum on a particular birthday in Yvette Cooper’s world? It reminds me of the joke about GOP in the US and the sanctity of the unborn child till he becomes a bad example of degenerate poor on being born to a single mother. The aim is never to convince anyone just to signal what wonderful unquestioning accepting people we are regardless of the issues or logic alway appeal to the emotion of the already converted.

Rant Ovah.



The Left Follies

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