Media Say Sad I Say Bull

The media will say it is sad the Bradford Bulls folded. Yet who has stood by as spivs ransacked another sporting body without a word? When the public gave half a million only for it to be written off at pennies in the £ as the spivs went into administration. I bet you could buy the club and prevent liquidation for that half a million now when debt is discounted to pennies in the £. Yet the media stood by as people were fleeced and paid off debtors and the board at £ for £ when all they could have got was pennies and the club still went into its first of 3 administrations.

Sports bodies in the UK are a great way to make money no matter how much they lose. Like the arts money is pumped in and rich men in teams, boards and shareholders somehow get richer whilst the body they parasite dies.

This even happened at Glasgow Rangers one of our biggest football clubs as fans contributed money that was spent in months at a club who can fill a 60,000 seater.  It’s not sad it’s pathetic and the media is happy to play along interviewing verbal thugs in Rangers case without a serious investigative question.

There will no doubt be another Bradford Bulls and we can only hope ownership is better this time around.

Footnote: The debt that finally liquidated the club was 1.2Mn as said the creditors would have taken less than 1/2 a million. Never ever contribute to a fund for a club before administration and only when control of the investment is in good hands.

Media Say Sad I Say Bull

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