Complete Shit, Sherlock

The continuing ability of the BBC to waste money on garbage at the expense of the poorest workers came again with amazingly after the last series of 3 descended into poo another series of Sherlock. The series opener showed why Brits are so poor at drama. Ok write the 3rd series off kill off the hitman wife of Watson 5 minutes in. But no like ‘leftists’ [relative] pretending there is an epidemic of ‘hate’ crime and surfeit of their own virtue they doubled down and added a baby. They spent the whole of the episode writing out the entire mistake of the 3 rd series and the baby is still alive. 

It kind of reminds me of The Thick of It which managed 6 good episodes. Before a series of unfunny shows involving lots of swearing and continual reuse of the same plot devices. With Sherlock where it was once edgy and intelligent even in an episode with plenty of dead people it was under-wrought and drawn out to 90 minutes with 30 minute material. The need for narrative drives UK drama and kills it. Past mistakes are built on. Misery is ladled on characters as though that is the only way to do drama.

Now ratings may outlast good writing but such was the level of complacency one has to wonder if a publicly funded BBC can hold art to account anymore? Had last night’s episode been the 1st then a) there would have been no 2nd episode never mind series b) Cumberbatch would be as well known as an extra who played a henchman in the Lazenby Bond film.

Don’t believe me well the Guardian liked it:-

But even if the worst were to happen, fans of this super-intelligent and hyper-entertaining show – which reached new heights of action and emotion in The Six Thatchers.

Case closed. The above reviewer is deluded it was utter tosh.

Complete Shit, Sherlock

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