Nano Problems

I read this in Haaretz on why Israel was turning to fruitcakery:-

And left-wing voters have lost interest in the character of their country in recent years. After all, it’s not very liberal to tie yourself in knots in order to shape a society in accordance with your own values. Their secularism has been privatized. They have moved onto dealing with “nano” problems – questions of lifestyle like alternative weddings, circumcision (yes or no), Reform prayer at the Western Wall and girls getting called up to read publicly from the Torah.
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This. As true of a ‘left’ celebrating difference and stroking its virtue by not just pointing out racism, sexism etc but celebrating itself as superior because it uses the right pronouns and sentences people to penury for uttering a word out of place in the public sphere. For enforcing anodyne comedy on TV!

This stifling labeling and strident word watching. This point where forests of rhetoric make it extremely difficult to discuss anything sanely like how the left’s beloved Muslims are anti secular and misogynist, and nearly 100% homophobic. Then wonder why the debate falls to nutters who don’t care if they’re called racist or sexist or cunts. Then wonder why some find comfort in doctrines that ends up with themselves blowing themselves up.

In addition the ‘left’ [relative term] support vile scum, however tacitly, like Brown, Clinton or Obama whose central thesis is to encourage financial capital to pay for what they really really would like to do but never get round to at the expense of those they would like to help! The whole WEF [World Economic Forum] pretense of looking after society by reducing people’s choices to what makes money for the wealthy – Elite implies some merit and is not warranted, they’re not. The illusion you can provide opportunity and rewarding lives whilst taxing only workers and subsidising the wealthy long term, yeah that will work even if it has not in the last 30 years.

Like the choices new Labour would offer us via their game theory ideology the choice is illusory of Evil Tories and would be nicer new Labour but it’s not practical. Under Corbyn Labour now offers a load of 40 year sops to a very different working class not a choice.

We have a political system that always seems to offer the worst alternatives or what you think are the worst till they get worse….

Nano Problems

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