A Winter’s Ale: Seasonal Affected Disorder

An oddity of brewing is despite central heating and us knowing to the minute when a bus will arrive brewers continue to pump out sulphuric heavy red ‘Winter’ ales. This would not be so bad except us ‘Spoons drinkers find aside from the sulphuric nature of the 5 or 6 standard ales which match the tastes of the founder Tim someit, who can nicely be called a Euro skeptic or a clown xenophobe dependent on perspective. Of course even away from the cheapness of Wetherspoons we run into these red nightmares. I personally wonder if brewers actually taste their own beer so sulphurous are some of these concoctions.

Seasonal brews made and sold cheaply by breweries are of course the backbone of ‘Spoons. However it is annoying when confronted by 9 red or brown ales and a 7.4% Orange Stout when you just want a nice pint and would pay a quid more for a Jaipur or virtually any Thornbridge project. Heavy malty spicy beers maybe some people’s favourites but then that is why lager and Guinness outsell them often in pubs where the ale is well kept.

Summer ales are nothing of the sort just as winter ales may once have reflected what ingredients were about and the climate and the fact most people walked in the cold – whatever.

A light crisp pint with a bit of aroma and hop character is never out of fashion.

A Winter’s Ale: Seasonal Affected Disorder

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