Losing Your Shit And Perspective

It struck me before President Trump has done a thing the ‘Liberals’ in the States have lost their shit and thrown lots of stuff at someone inaugurated often for stuff Obama has done too and Mrs Clinton would have done – exclude Mexicans, deport 3 million, appoint his own judges, appoint clowns from Goldman Sachs etc. Reality is best case is his economics works better for ordinary people but personally sounds like a new Labour redux with seemingly positive policies reduced to ashes later on by the need to supply financiers with a rentier income see NHS. Yep Trump is considering Public Private Partnerships with Govt backed bonds when Govt can borrow at below 2%!

It’s not just Libs losing it but ‘Bibi’ [Netanyahu] seems to have gone insane after the US did not block the rest of the world’s view of taking other people’s land. I tend to think people fixate too much on Israel after all it probably is not the worst country in the region for Palestinians, Women, Druze, Christians, Hummus and dare I say Muslims [the Best even] . It’s not the US who voted on this. France, UK, China and Russia had vetoes too and backed the resolution. On settlements Israel should understand it’s like having a friend who is verbally abusive to his wife – it may not leave visible scars but it makes us ashamed to be your friend.

Equally we see the bizarre point of 2016 as some landmark year of famous death. In music I will guarantee more of the top 50 album sellers of all time according to Business Insider die in 2017 than 2016. That’s a conceit as of course as I know none of them died in 2016. Now that might be a mild eyebrow raise where Bowie was concerned but with pop artists with brief tenures at the top not so much – Michael & Prince.

My point please think beyond the media narrative, your own limited experience and the doom and gloom merchants. It’s rare I am on the positive side but reality is often more negative than celebrating one’s own goodness. Equally assuming the worst is a call to inaction and letting it happen.

Losing Your Shit And Perspective

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