Progressives Hate The Poor?

Good piece in FT on the poor from research by George Soros.

The poor don’t like to be bullied amazing. From the perspective of the poor are they wrong? Corbyn visits Calais where 10000 non constituents ‘choose’ to live, whatever their reasons to get to Northern France is a choice. Khan holds a celebrating our differences inauguration and thinks that makes him a great guy. Labour falls over itself to support unequivocally the misogynistic and homophobic ideas of the the Koran yet makes the same tabloid demands on the poor.

In UK we subsidise the people stealing your pension 30Bn in tax relief. Unemployment benefit is 2.4 Bn Housing benefit on top is what 5/10 Bill for the actual unemployed? Pensions up Bns a year. Total bill for Housing benefit is 26 Bn – as much a landlords benefit and puffed by economic policies to make poor poorer.

Full Fact on the Budget.

The most nonsensical part a Job Centre in every town bi-weekly meetings to bully the poor to work and for what? To get value for money for 1% of the budget and make it 0.97%? Whilst vastly expanding support for the richest group in the country at a greater cost than the entire jobseekers budget. The very poor settle for worse transport, housing, health and education without a fuss too.

The so called ‘progressives’ have deliberately made the poor poorer and then wonder why they are not the answer come the call for the election and why they would believe demagogue’s and morons. Make no mistake Clinton. Blair, Obama and Brown made the poor poorer deliberately and the media in UK demonised them.on their behalf.

Austerity was a choice not a necessity and there were easier and dare I say far more effective cuts available – pensions tax credits, oil subsidies, BAE subsidy, Nissan subsidy, HS2, Heathrow, Hinkley Point, Tax loopholes, closing Jobcentres, Landlord subsidies, LVT etc.

The sick joke is that the self fluffing middle class ‘progressives’ warn the poor will be worse off outside EU and under Trump as though that was not that was not their plan! Sick puppies these ‘progressives’.

Progressives Hate The Poor?

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