Can Chelsea Win The Title

Start of the season Chelsea were 11/2 and probably not even value at that. Indeed at one point Conte was favourite for the sack. Now they are odds on.

In their favour they are not wasting time in Europe and are out of the EFL cup. They have the best front 3 in Hazard and Costa with Pedro. Conte has won titles before and clearly has got the players up for it. His tactics also seem to allow Chelsea to use bit part players previously in positions they do not hurt the team like Moses, Alonso and Luiz. Is there any reason to oppose?

The issue is as with the team whose title winning run bored even fans of Mourinho is it does not have goals written all over it. When Costa and Hazard play Pedro looks dangerous but basically without Hazard he’s lightweight and can be marked easier. The wide players Alonso and Moses are not great crossers or shots. Kante and Matic does not scream goals and Fabregas seems not to be as admired these days although as against Sunderland is a threat to score a goal. Equally whereas Chelsea’s back line has had set piece box threats like Terry, Gallas, Ivanovic and Cahill now the team is small and hard to see them as a threat.

Poverty of opposition may get the title for Chelsea but odds on too short.

Can Chelsea Win The Title

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