BrExit Buyer’s Remorse

Apparently it’s not just that BrExit voters dying off that may alter the set course of the referendum. In surveys 90% say they would not want to lose a 100 a month in a BrExit. Now of course no one knows what we will lose or gain and many of us skeptical of mainstream economics and Govt subsidy of globalisation will demure on costs. However mainstream economics suggests losses and indeed in dollar terms anyone on above 20 grand a year is already out of pocket circa £1500 so too late! 

I came close to voting Leave because I do hate the EU and almost everything it stands for. It’s a vile organisation whose aims as much as can be discerned is the kind of state only New Labour fans and Mrs Clinton’s ilk want* only worse governed by German ordo liberalism – worse than neo trust me.

* A dry fascistic state where wealth is handed to the already wealthy and state power is absolute although in their eyes benign because like Mrs Clinton and Mr Brown they are such good people in their own eyes – in my eyes quasi fascist warmongers and worse stupid  quasi fascist warmongers.

Since the core of BrExit was the UK’s richest people, pensioners, it’s a bit bloody rich for them not to want to lose a 100 a month. Sorry it’s a risk we now will take thanks to you boomers. Oddly if we waited a few years the vile EU might have broken up anyway so I don’t decry a Leave vote just those too stupid to consider the clearly spelled out risks of their vote and unwilling to face potential consequences – 10% are exempt from my criticism.

BrExit Buyer’s Remorse

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