Onion in Handkerchief Time From Mainstream Economics & Politicians

Maybe the negative projections on poor income will come true and maybe there is a huge negative from BrExit. However to the poor it will be nothing like the cuts in benefits (in and out of work) nor their loss of health care that is coming from first New Labour policy and latterly Coalition and Conservative Govt – effectively a continuum backed but the #fakenews of  all national newspapers. Indeed the currency fall they will have noticed on any foreign holidays since Brown/Balls/Darling deliberately trashed the currency – no one seemed to mind a 30+% fall then. To worry about living standards when you sucked them dry to feed a financial vampire and asset prices of the middle/upper class houses is vacuous.

However this is not the worst crime of the economics establishment and the Lab Con tendency. Now it is negative projections on BrExit. Even if right these people normalised New Labour and the neo Liberal lunacy and far worse devaluations and attacks on the workless. They allowed untrue idiocy to become prevailing wisdom on economics. Now they cry when they are no longer in charge of our race to poverty in the west.

That’s not even the worst crime of the Balls and Blairs and Browns and Osbornes and Darlings and Hammonds. The worst crime will be if the projections for BrExit prove wrong – based on what Ricardo got wrong hundreds of years ago as some are? Then the cud chewers will be in charge and with the surveillance state those scum used your money to pay for – see USA.

The mistake is to pretend to people something normal and good even if marginally better was happening for 30 years or so – enough people know it’s not true. Only those with no memory of 1.5 working non managerial parents with 2 kids buying houses for £34,500 now costing the thick end of a million or more and out of reach of 2 city workers with no kids can be so naive.

The virtue signalling middle classes cry not for the poor but themselves?

Onion in Handkerchief Time From Mainstream Economics & Politicians

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