Progressives Left Bemused

So called progressives’ve made racism so all encompassing one word on a footie field is a lifetime of screaming racism but losing 250 Bn of the countries money and dancing and being a good egg on TV is OK. So can they respond when large lumps of people don’t give a shit about their virtues?

In the US this is even worse. The revelations about Ferguson where a militarised police force paid for by continual fines on locals for awful crimes like jaywalking created what sounded like a mini open prison. Yet this still occurs after 16 of 24 years of ‘Crat Presidents. Only late in his 2nd term did Obama even begin to consider the numbers in prison for non violent crimes. Patronising black people may get 90% of their votes but it has left them in a poor situation and likely to get worse. Not to mention economics whose aim has been greater poverty or redistribution upwards.

The PRegressives as I shall call them (Progessive Left or Regressive Left as some call them) have only one appeal and that is don’t vote for them they’re <insert label here> – triangulation here are virtually identical policies but we’re nicer and we won’t go as far as them. The rest is a complacency and smugness at their own virtue there is not evidence to back up. To move on will require not blaming the 1% factors that suit.

Worst part you’ll read shills for EU or Obama and co say the poor who vote for this will be worst affected. From people who’ve pissed on the poor for 25 years that is the ultimate in virtue signalling bullshit. Worst part that may be right but plus ça change..

Progressives Left Bemused

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