The Wankers

In all this defending of Judges and EU and even the mendacious incompetent Mrs Clinton don’t forget these people offer less than nothing too. They merely offer the marginally better place than being run by the insane. Their plan be they EU, Council of Ministers, Tories, ‘Crats, GOPpers, Popper taking New Labourites etc is to continue the class war. They represent bankers and themselves – as Warren Buffett says his class are winning, you serfs.

Imagine how close US Election would not be if GOP had got over its hatred of women and ethnic minorities? It is lucky in some ways for those of us who see a need for some state interference and size that the US Right are obsessed with scaring voters away be they women or Latinos and definitely Blacks. In the UK they preach free market and then choose huge public projects to buy off the CBI and Chinese.

However all this comes from the continued policies that the Kips, SNP, Cons and Libs are offering. In the US Mrs Clinton will offer even more of the same with added war and violence. Then in 4 years times we’ll be faced with a how can people vote for these loonies again? My point we are already too.

Voting is not so much the lesser of two evils as getting poorer slower and avoiding Armageddon in the meantime.


Post Script

It still pretty much applies Trump is more volatile and risky but could have up side over what we know is a downbound train. The downside is far greater than Mrs Clinton but we cannot keep telling people these guys are this label (which may not be their obsession) and expect them to vote for virtue signalling gibberish pedlars who love banks.

The Wankers

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