The World of Binary

How can anyone support Mark ‘Chauncey’ Carney a bubble blowing dickhead. Or Mrs Clinton a corrupt lying neo Con who is wrong about almost everything and as big a minion of the Sauds as you can get. Or the EU that undemocratic neo Liberal festering scab on the world fresh from killing 1000s of Greeks and condemning many of the rest to unending poverty?

This is the nether world where normal intelligent people are forced. The world is rigged to give us choices and no matter those choices are always binary and horrible. When the world hopes to see Mrs Clinton with so little power as president she and the USA cannot get anything done rather than risk a seemingly useless groping blow hard. Where we pretend the EU is anything but a horrible creation that is killing the life chances of young people especially in the South of the Eurozone. Or defend a Bubble blowing clown who has the Bank of England contradict itself on previously acknowledged failure of its policies.

Neo Liberalism seeks to game us into doing the “right thing”, as chosen by unelected technocrats, at work and in society. Coupled with ever greater levels of surveillance and intrusion to ensure we know we won’t get away with anything. This will not deliver yet alternatives now seem risky like stepping off a plane running out of fuel parachute-less as I said of the EU.

Thus if I defend Mrs Clinton or the vile EU or the creep Carney it’s not by  real choice.. It never is by choice these days. It’s forced on us. Then opinion formers wonder why the plebs revolt when offered more rock or a hard place.

The World of Binary

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