TUE TUE Gum Drops

The current Sky revelations on Bradley Wiggins show him up as being less than honest about his past. Yet they also reflect the common failings of those who claim to be holier than though and in many ways cut through the British schtick of fair play and gentlemanly conduct.

The journalist and determined anti influencer Paul Kimmage had already shown in an interview with Chris Froome last year that athletes were not so much anti doping as anti those who gained an advantage by going beyond the arbitrary line or rules as some call them. As said Sharapova doped her whole career yet she only became a dope cheat for 18 days and probably inadvertently. Are all sporting asthmatics dopers?

In reality the celebrity obsession of journalists is shown by the Wiggins affair. There are hard questions to ask of Sky given their holier than thou bullshit and the doctors who signed off on this. Wiggins may have been less than forthcoming in a book but he’s also been stupid enough to try to quell this non storm which is not about him – he acted within the rules however badly applied.

In the end doping obsessives of the Guardian and Twitter and Kimmage seem intent on achieving nothing – Kimmage school report A for being right F for making anyone care he was. Their concentration on Wiggins personally nothing more than the equivalent of an obsession with Kim Kardashian. Indeed it might be worse rather than infantile curiosity a desire to feel superior to successful individuals.

Sports now seems to serve the purpose of giving fans and especially journalists figures to feel superior to. Frankly I’d take Wiggins, Ferguson, Allardyce, Brailsford et al over the politicians their papers laud and fail to hold to account for far worse corruption and failings.

TUE TUE Gum Drops

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