Not Wilfully Stupid

I am not sure those whose pathetic self esteem relies on looking down on Trump or BrExit voters realise quite why so many oppose what to them seems obvious logic backed up by experts. Now of course these people are not economists objecting on grounds of EU’s lack of democracy or economic theory to Mrs Clinton’s bogus nonsense.

But, there’s the rub.

They object because 90% of the crap people like May or Clinton or Corbyn talk is bollocks. That 100% of Trumpism is Bollocks too is not something they agree with. To them it’s less demonstrably bollocks than what the media is selling as accepted wisdom. Mainly because Trumpist bollocks is unproven bollocks whereas Mrs Clinton and her outlook is a proven failure at just about everything bar gaming the Democratic Party and Wall Street.

To be honest I wish I had been brazenly stupid enough to stick to BrExit or to consider voting for the party of Corbyn and his 40 year  1 trick state socialism or to believe neo Liberalism.

So some proclaim great moral certainty over Trumpies and actually like Mrs Clinton. They are from a neutral perspective pursuing lesser of 2 evils but not by as much as they think they are and from my perspective it’s where on the ignorant stupid spectrum I place them.

Not Wilfully Stupid

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