Should Left Wingers Support Corbyn Automatically?

I have a conundrum a friend pointed out if you were supporting what ‘Capitalism’ wanted then you were on the wrong side. As a lazy believer in Leftism I assume this has a lot to do with the fact that a flawed left-wing Labour leader is better than anything right wing/centre. Certainly some such as Paul Mason have been prepared to unload all in defense of what seems from the outside a clown ship.

Thus to be critical of Corbyn’s inability or even non care to get on board most of his MPs is bunk. To worry he cannot get an idea across and appears to be for want of nicer words incompetent even in a world that includes May, Lansley, Cameron and the incomparable incompetent inept George ‘Ozzy’ Osborne.

I personally ignore the complaints of intimidation as one cannot know and the chief criers of this have been shown to be mendacious. However for some it is a factor despite the lack of almost any arrests, in a country it’s pretty easy to get arrested for anything. Leave aside that many pro Capitalism types are pleased at Corbyn’s “leadership”, or the question in the age technocratic managers and pension funds who are the Capitalists, or the idea that Britain has a proletariat for whom this has any relevance, should we support this cos it’s Left? And only because it’s Left

I say no. The kind of top down State Socialism of Corbyn is a monstrous failure wherever it has been tried whatever labels you throw at it or those failures. The idea really like political Islam is that a minority can take over in times of trouble and enforce a complete world view on desperate people. A parliamentary majority in a time of crises appears the Holy Grail.

It’s pretty clear besides pacifism McDonnell and Corbyn don’t believe a word they say as policy. This is of course not just them given the need to at least appear in the Overton Window who does what they say?  However the danger sign is that Corbyn and McDonnell don’t listen to anyone else. Corbyn restricts his speech to victims and how awful life is for the poor. Worthy but without a solution on offer. Talks of unspecified infrastructure spending. Then demand Hinkley Point for jobs! Offer to build Trident without the Nukes for Jobs! Yep it does not take long to reveal the sheer inanity of top down Socialism that flops like Tom Daley in the 10 metre event in reality.

Those on the Left who think these dangerous Mandarins are leading anywhere good, state of you.

Should Left Wingers Support Corbyn Automatically?

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