State Socialism No Thanks

The UK state controls a large proportion of the economy – far more than is obvious due to the State’s patronage or subsidy as I call it whether it be subsidy or tax breaks. However to move to a position of say a more Venezuela style state Socialism where various big projects dominate the economy and international capital runs for the hills is a different matter. 

I think both the current options in the Lab Con offerings [Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, Crony Capitalism, Rent Seeking you choose from Cons and the Moderate people in Labour] and fatuous grandiose projects the ilk of Corbyn would do are just downbound trains where the slope of the incline is in question. The problem with Socialists is that most seem to think they’ll figure something this complex out tomorrow. That Hows do not matter.

It’s why I can’t support a buffoon like Corbyn. It’s not his bizarre sense of his own charity nor his intellectual shortcomings or his lack of worldliness that has him endorsing Islamofascism nor his inability to do more than Victim trawl for justification. Nor his Labour love of minorities coupled bizarrely with low key anti Semitism and views of women even Gordon Brown might complain at. No, it’s because he is an old school large state Socialist. A view that might have seemed doable and achievable in the 70s but now would ignore reality, with an atomised workforce just what is it trying to achieve anymore?  It would essentially favour infrastructure over any considerations of wealth creation. Assuming rest of the world say benignly it would no doubt short term hit plenty of targets and headline numbers for propaganda but is there any evidence it leads anywhere good?

The current crude apology for vision [neo Liberalism] is a result of the greed and skewing of society by the Boomer generation and its politicians and its media. With a Corbyn led Labour we get two unworkable visions. Two visions that are ruinous for the environment. Two visions of a top down society where too much power exists and too little freedom. Two societies that cannot deal with challenges by any means bar repression.

State Socialism No Thanks

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