Burqa Ban?

57% of the British public suggested that they would support a Burqa or Niqab ban. Now a good many would ban any made up word if it was associated with Islam such is the reputation of that religion.

However the knee jerk liberals were quick to be shocked and reach for siren screams of Racism. Someone was happy? Got their feeling good and superior moment cos they are tolerant of pre-medieval misogyny and others are not celebrating our differences like Morris Dancers with 6 pints in them. However there are actually good reasons to consider a ban on these devices.

  • The burqa is not required by Islam which also calls for men to dress modestly but they only wear one when pretending to be a woman to escape the country after a terror outrage.
  • In almost any other society covering your face is not a sign of modesty. Quite the opposite it’s a fucking rude thing to do.
  • So rude one would have to say it’s a massive FU to a secular western society. A de facto “We will not integrate” or “career limiting” as managers tried to point out to me after zapping them with an ‘F’ Bomb.
  • The face coverage indeed is representative of the Saudi Salifist ideology which oppresses women and will not let them drive a car even.
  • This is the ideology we are primarily at war with for all the selling arms to Saudi.
  • In the wider ‘slamic world women who don’t cover can have acid thrown in their faces. It’s a symbol of oppression and unlike say wearing even Reductio ad absurdum a Swastika current oppression.

Yes supporting a ban puts one with some utter cunts but equally it is not absurd. We can wax lyrical about women’s choice with the Burkini and as sad as that look is we can say it’s up to the woman to look like she is wearing thermals in bed on a beach.

Personally I would support a ban if it turns out that even a small minority women feel obliged by pressure from the religion and family to do this in the UK. It’s hard to think of any other custom where young women do cover up their face and especially their hair or want to – not even the disfigured do it. If the Hijab is the arbitrary line so be it and again if women are bullied or feel bullied to wear that it can go too.

For me, this is not a difference to celebrate. If nothing else it’s bloody rude and indeed predates dark age religions.

Burqa Ban?

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