Chance The Gardner V Corbyn

Chance spent 40 years surrounded by plants unaware of the world.

Chance was patronised by wealthy  sophisticates

These types found Chance’s homilies to contain hidden wisdom.

Any difference?

My point to the left is that if you believe your politics and want to avoid accidents like all other so called Socialist Govts then you won’t support this clown. He’s not leading anyone anywhere good even were he to win an election. He’s incompetent and stupid and a poor leader and worse at heart thinks his politics mean he has more virtue than others. He’s learned nothing. He has no ideas to move society on. He is really just Ed Miliband or Gordon Brown in cheaper clothing. A series of Govt measures some of which will appeal to the middle class.

Oddly now it is not the working class who want patronising leftist payments and transfers. It’s that shrinking middle who see their privilege being taken. Yet there is no demand for Land ownership just a series of pointless nationalisations and transfer payments. Nothing on wealth creation just spending more on infrastructure as an end in itself. It’s an incoherent echo of 70s’ leftism and things that sound virtuous.


Chance The Gardner V Corbyn

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