Labour’s Clown Show

Both candidates for the Labour leadership talked about negotiating with IS. Sorry this is not on.

It demonstrates that Labour’s senior figures have no understanding of the issue I would urge them and anyone reading this to listen to #43 of the Sam Harris Waking Up Podcast in which he covers IS openly in good well written English explaining their position. This from Chris Hitchens also. There is no room for doubt and the appeal to young Muslims or anyone of a nihilistic death cult seems something the Left cannot process or just will not accept.

In short regardless of left or right Labour or Conservative the 2 Labour candidates live in a nether world. The Progressives as they call themselves wish to celebrate commonality and diversity and ‘our’ humanity with total disregard to whether others share or exploit that warmth.

The world is harsh. Power vacuums are filled by lunatics. People really believe they are going to heaven with 72 virgins to rape. They want the end of days. You cannot negotiate with that.



Labour’s Clown Show

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