Many People Don’t Want The World

From the point of view of a London Metrosexual like myself it’s probably not a viewpoint we even see. However many people are not interested in what happens beyond their parish. They don’t see the need for Globalised supply chains and EU or IMF. In many ways they’re not even tribal.

I am sure for all the chat about Trade Deals these groups don’t give a fuck about it. The economic downside well for normal people they are in an 8 year recession. Many still focus on having the best motor or watch or phone and watching TV the likes of me avoid and don’t particularly want to care how these things arrive. This is the thing that joins the boomers and greatest generation with the poorer boroughs a yearning for a limited world view where your world ends at the edge of town.

To the young left I would wonder is Corbyn anymore an adult response than BrExit? Both pour petrol on current order and rely not on analysis of current problems and situation but a nostalgic rhetoric of taking back control from ‘them’. Whether ‘them’ is the EU or new Labour. A blind alley of simpletonism?

Many People Don’t Want The World

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