The Chasm

There is a yawning chasm in society even ignoring the greedy Boomers. Between more highly educated who pretend that all this QE and financialisation and min wage jobs and shit pensions to come is somehow OK. That believe somehow the likes of Labour/Democratic Party are in any way progressive.  And those who know they are not and have no established representation and hence back demagogues with easy answers.

The educated fall back on a economics profession who claim Ireland’s GDP rose 26% last year and unemployment is low cos… measures. They then mock those who distrust the economics profession! A profession which peddles efficient market theory, rational expectations, equilibrium, paying myself rent for my own house as GDP etc etc. Bare in mind even then politicians ignore the more rational economists for ones who pander to their wishes.

If you want to keep voting for regressive progressive parties fine but if they keep lying on basic things such as economics with no purpose but debt for the poor and raised land prices for the wealthy don’t look down on them. They are no more wrong than Labourites Clintonites et al and from their perspective probably less so.

All the happy clappy celebrating our differences is bunk and will die overnight without a progressive economy.

The Chasm

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