Ignoring Experts

In 2010 and certainly 2015 against the advice of mainstream economists 90% of people voted for austerity parties yet when the poor voted BrExit they get odium. Adding to this the Govt has effectively given up on Austerity and will as a back stop use the Govt’s pet BoE to essentially buy up the deficit with free money. Or just take advantage of a 10 year gilt yielding 1%.

The septics have an expression ‘Check your privilege’ it seems appropriate here. Thus the Remain types (and the Boomers) have voted to kick the poor against economic advice and now rain blows on the poor for voting against less estimated damage. Indeed if the Land bubble bursts then the costs of Austerity will be higher and the gain less than nil. The poor might not like the EU but the justification for kicking the poor for the sake of it is? Or Occam’s Razor Labour and Conservative voters just hate the poor right back?

My non expert opinion [guess] on BrExit is now having undergone the turmoil and bluster of the last few days and the downside risks to delay now is just to put the economy in stasis for years and may not even allow people to keep the EU. Sadly fudge is the only thing this generation of venal sinecure desiring politicos believe in. Expect an extremely damaging time and even a 2nd referendum. After all the economy is just a tool for rhetoric not something Tories and Labour care about and today they openly admit it.

Ignoring Experts

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